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Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles)

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Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles) Empty Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles)

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Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles)

Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles) 2s19co0


File Size : 1019.1 MB
Resolution : 720×480
Duration : 01h:46m:12s.006ms
Language: 40% Coyunan & 60% Tagalog with Tagalog Hard Subtitles
Genre: Romance, Drama
Release Date: 8/22/2008

Cast: Ces Quesada, Meryll Soriano, Judy Ann Santos, Gina Pareno, Mylene Dizon

the picturesque island of Cuyo, Palawan, an illegal Taiwanese fishing
vessel, docks carrying a fisherman named Muo Sei, a man looking for
something or someone with the name Ploning. He has from sunrise to
sundown to look for this “Ploning”.

In his search,
Ploning is revealed to be the island’s town belle of the year
1982. A dutiful daughter to patriarch Susing, a committed supporter to
grieving Intang, an honorary sister to extended family Nieves and
Toting a wise ally to simpleton Alma, a supporter to broken-hearted
Siloy and a co-mother to half-paralyzed Juaning. A woman so important
that the town barely notices the absence of rain because of her
presence in their lives.

Despite her renowned beauty, everyone
is puzzled why this 30-year-old spinster refuses to get married and
still hopefully waits for her beau, Tomas, to come back. Tomas left for
Manila when Ploning was 16 years old and there has been no sign of him
coming back any time soon. Ploning’s silent demeanor adds to the
mystery and depth of love that no one seems to understand.. In the
center of this, is a 6-year-old boy named Digo who has built his world
around the affection and care of Ploning, his foster mother. But his
entire world crashes as he learns that Ploning has plans of going to
Manila to look for Tomas. Thus, leaving the boy with his bed-ridden
mother, Juaning and his strict older brother, Veling. Digo tries
everything to stop Ploning from leaving and finds an ally in the
town’s visitor, the beautiful town nurse, Celeste. Celeste claims
to have known and fallen in love with a man named Tomas and tried to
follow him in Cuyo to find out if he loved him back. Ploning, with
security and so much faith, denies that her Tomas and the man Celeste
fell in love with are the same man. On the day of the fiesta, the rain
comes and Ploning seems to be missing. Digo’s feeling of
abandonment leads to a tragedy that grieves the town. But no one was
prepared for the secret that Ploning has kept all these years. A secret
that exemplifies the selfless love that withstands blood, pain and even

Did Ploning choose closure with the man she has been
waiting for half her life or the future of young boy whose life is not
her own?

Will Muo Sei find his Ploning, accept the love revealed to him or continue to walk in hate?

Ploning (2008) - Filipino Movie DVDrip (With Hard Tagalog Subtitles) 2ebwwpk

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