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American Poop (2008)

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American Poop (2008) Empty American Poop (2008)

Порука by Admin Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:29 pm

American Poop (2008)

American Poop (2008) 2qbf0yb

A recent college graduate discovers that his options are more limited than
he once envisioned in this comedy of crushed dreams from screenwriter/director
Joe Kingsley. Russ was partying life away as a college senior and pondering
the prospect of his own television show when graduation crept up to offer a
stiff reality check. Subsequently left with no job prospects and forced to
slink back to his small hometown, Russ reconnects with his degenerate friends
and sets about chasing after his former high school crush Tara. Of course
Russ' friends aren't much help when it comes to the prospect of finding a
stable job. Now left to choose between leaving it all behind and starting
life over elsewhere or surrendering to the fact that he is a townie for life,
this post-college slacker may finally have to pull his head out of the clouds
in order to see what future lies ahead.

Kod: American_Poop_2008.part1.rar American_Poop_2008.part2.rar American_Poop_2008.part3.rar American_Poop_2008.part4.rar American_Poop_2008.part5.rar American_Poop_2008.part6.rar American_Poop_2008.part7.rar American_Poop_2008.part8.rar

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