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Skazi is a psychedelic trance DJ duo from Israel; Asher Swissa and Assaf B-Bass. They have been producing psytrance since 1998.

Skazi (Asher Swissa & Assaf B-Bass) began their trend setting style of Soft Psy-Trance Electro Punk in 1998.

The first trance album, "Animal", was released in September 2000

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. Being previously in the local punk and hardcore scene, Skazi combined live guitar riffs and edgy, techy hardcore sounds. While the music did mesh with other Psy-Trance, it also was felt to share elements with Hard House and Techno.

Skazi compiled four compilations between the years 2001 and 2004 ("Zoo1", "Zoo2", "Zoo3" and "Most Wanted"). Skazi has made many collaborations with other artists.

Since the combined production of the "Animal" CD, Assaf B-Bass joined Asher as a second member of the band. Asher Swissa is still often referred to as "Skazi" despite that Skazi is officially a duo. Assaf B-Bass is also A&R for the latest incarnation of Skazi's record label, Chemical Crew.

Skazi currently performs mainly at raves in countries with large Psy-Trance festival scenes: Israel, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Russia, India, Spain, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and other countries.


* Animal (Shaffel Records, 2001)
* Media:Zoo1 (released October 2001)
* Storm (Shaffel Records, 2002)
* Media:Zoo2 (released January 2003)
* Media:Zoo3 2CD (released January 2003)
* Media:Animal in Storm (Special Edition, Double CD)
* Media:Most wanted – Compiled By Skazi (released January 2003)
* Total Anarchy (released June 29, 2006)

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