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Порука by Admin Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:11 pm

Natalie Horler, was born in Bonn,Germany on the 23rd of September 1981 and I´m English. As my parents had moved from England to Germany a year earlier, I grew up here with them and my two sisters and still enjoyed a very English childhood. My mother Christine is a foreign language teacher and my father David is a jazzmusician with the WDR Big Band in Cologne. It is, of course, from him that I´ve inherited my passion for music.

When I was very young I would often do recordings in my father´s studio at home, a lot of the time jazz-and disneysongs. I could never really say when I started singing- I just enjoyed it so much, that I knew at a very, very early age that I wanted to become a singer.

Apart from singing, I´ve always taken different kinds of dancing lessons, like stepdance, jazzdance, hip hop-and streetdance and have acted in a few amateur plays as a teenager.

As my father often directed the music of these plays, I also helped with the vocalrecordings and rehearsals.

Next to dancemusic,I also love soulmusic and due to my father jazz- Alicia Keys is for example one of my idols.

At 18 I started doing studiowork- here and there I´d record some tracks for different DJs. That´s how I ended up meeting Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian) and Yann (Yanou)….

We did a couple of songs and they soon became quite successful.

Now as Cascada I´m touring with my very talented dancers Falk and Essa, to places like Austria, Ireland, America and of course Germany….

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